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Exclusive Services

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Animal Reiki Sessions

Reiki can do amazing things for animals too, and they absolutely love it! This method of healing can help them with stress and anxiety, as well as assisting the body to help create an environment that facilitates healing. It can help promote emotional wellbeing while dealing with chronic illness and pain. If your pet is stressed, anxious, dealing with separation anxiety, is in pain or ill, I encourage you to reach out to find out how Reiki can help! 

This safe and natural healing practice can be used to help dogs, cats, horses, and other critters with a wide range of issues and conditions, a perfect complement to traditional veterinary care. Learn about Jen's personal experience with animal Reiki on the home page! A Reiki session can also take place with multiple animals at a time, that can help promote harmony and balance among those living in the same household.

These sessions are done virtually to ensure that your pet stays comfortable in their own space without the added distraction of a stranger in their home.

The first session includes a 15 minute discussion, where I can learn about your pet and their medical/emotional history, and you can ask any questions you might have!

30 minute sessions can then be booked as often as you like after our initial consultation.  

First Session  | 45 min  | $75

Additional Sessions | 30 min | $50


Spirit Animal Intuitive Readings

Animals as symbols live in our deepest memories. Animal Totems, Medicine, and Mascots have had cultural significance throughout history, from Europeans using animals in their crests, to the Chinese associating animals with every birthday, to school sports teams choosing animal mascots for what they represent.

For some, animals appear in dreams, for others they are drawn to certain animals without realizing why. Understanding and working with your spirit animals is a way of connecting with nature's wisdom and your own intuition.

These readings include a pendulum clearing and guided messages from your animal totems as they reveal themselves. 

A five card reading, meant for specific questions or situations in which you're seeking guidance.

30 min | $50

A nine card Power Animal reading, which reveals the animal totems you carry with you throughout your life. Learn about the traits and gifts each totem brings to you and how they relate to one another, how they've helped shape who you are, and how they will help you become who you're meant to be! Learning about the animals that walk with you will allow you to invoke their strengths and incorporate them into your life.

60 min | $100


Custom Animal Plushie

I will share two spirit animal cards intuitively chosen for you. You decide which animal resonates with you most, and I will create a custom plushie based on your animal totem with a special reiki crystal inside! 


For those who receive the Spirit Animal Reading, you can keep a special memento from your reading! I will create a custom plushie of one of your animal totems with a special Reiki crystal inside.

$65 Custom Order | $40 when purchased with a Spirit Animal Reading


Angel Card Intuitive Readings

These readings focus on bringing forward messages from your Angels, Guides, and sometimes loved ones in spirit, with the purpose of providing clarity, support, and guidance for your highest and greatest good. 

30 min $50 | 60 min $100


Pet Loss Grief Counseling 

If you're struggling with the loss of your pet, or anticipating losing your pet, and you feel like you need someone to talk to, I am here to help you work through it. I offer a judgment-free, safe space to share your story and can provide support, guidance, coping strategies, and many other resources.  I have a background in Psychology, and I am a Certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist. I am also a pet mom, and I have unfortunately endured my own personal losses more times than I'd like to think about, and I am extremely empathetic to those suffering through these losses. I  will begin offering sessions in December, and the calendar is open to pre-book now. 

60 min | $75 

Angel Card Readings
Animal Reiki Sessions
Spirit Animal Intuitive Readings
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