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Jen dePadua, Owner

B.A. Psychology
Certified Reiki Master

Jen is a Certified Reiki Master with a focus on helping both people and animals. She has had a strong connection to animals her whole life, and is not only dedicated to helping and healing animals, but also to strengthening the connection between people and animals.

She personally had a very ill fur baby, her little Phoebe, and she used to practice Reiki on her everyday, and she always slept on a charged blanket that she made for her. The doctors couldn't understand why she wasn't presenting with more pain, she had an appetite, and (not a lot) but more energy than they expected, as sick as she was. She firmly believes that the Reiki therapy helped keep her calm, helped to alleviate some of her pain, and emotionally helped her through what she was dealing with. She was also able to help her transition when it was her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

Jen works individually with both people and pets and also spends time with shelter and sanctuary animals. 

In addition to her Reiki work, she also offers Intuitive readings, and she creates stuffed plushies for both people and animals.

Jen lives in Connecticut with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She loves crochet, singing, old sitcoms, 80s & 90s music, and is passionate about animal rescue. 

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Elevate Healing Arts Center

75 Berlin Rd

Cromwell, CT 06416
Tel: 860-375-0822

“Jen is blessed with a very special gift. She believes deeply in what she does and the benefits of Reiki. I highly recommend her to anyone with physical and/or emotional pain. I personally suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I've benefited tremendously from her sessions. I have improved mental clarity, greater confidence, and a stronger belief in myself. This has carried over in my ability to be 'in the moment' as a mom, wife, friend, and at work. Jen has brought me inner peace resulting in a much greater quality of life. I can't emphasize this enough!" 


— K.D.

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