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Mini Card Readings

I am now offering membership packages! As a VIP member of my tribe, you will receive two different mini card readings sent right to your inbox every month!  That's two readings for the price of one!! 

The emails will be sent around the 1st and 15th of each month, but as a VIP, if you find yourself dealing with a situation or need guidance on something and want one of your readings on a different day, just email me and I'll send it out within 24 hours! 

VIP packages are limited to two mini readings per month. 

No minimum requirements, you may cancel anytime. 

woman laying down receiving Reiki healing

Reiki Subscription

There are so many benefits to a monthly "tune up" healing session. Better sleep, mood stability, more relaxation, reduced pain and tension, stronger immune system, and less stress and anxiety. The best part? VIP members get one session free! When you sign up for a six month membership, you will receive one session free! This package entitles you to one 30-minute session every month for 6 months. This is a $300 value, but VIP's pay $250! 

VIP packages are limited to one Reiki session per month.

You can choose 6 consecutive months, or spread out 6 sessions over a flexible period.


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